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For over ten years, City Wide Produce has proudly operated as a produce wholesaler and distributor located in Surrey, British Columbia. While our company has grown over the years to keep serving you better, our love of quality produce and a desire to build meaningful relationships with clients has always stayed the same. This passion for quality produce first led owners and newlyweds Gopal and Fazleen to open a small grocery store in Vancouver… and it all grew from there! Journey through the timeline of City Wide Produce to learn more about our ‘roots’.

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    Before City Wide was even an idea, owners and newlyweds Gopal and Fazleen were ready to explore a new passion for produce. At 21 they purchased a small grocery store on Fraser Street in Vancouver. They learned so much about the industry and their new passion transformed into a love for produce. This was the key factor in validating their desire to continue providing fresh produce to their clients!

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    Business was growing! Gopal and Fazleen were becoming known for their friendly and warm customer service. Soon, they saw an opportunity to begin supplying more restaurants, expanding their service to the rest of the lower mainland.

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    Gopal and Fazleen made the decision to sell their retail store to explore different avenues within the produce industry. Gopal began working with a wholesaler in order to continue supplying local grocery stores with produce. The wholesale space needed more passion for produce and with his past customers reaching out, he began to see an exciting new opportunity in the wholesale space. This planted a seed and Gopal and Fazleen decided to create their own produce wholesale company!

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    City Wide Produce was born! Word got around that Gopal and Fazleen were in the wholesale space, and past and new clients alike began reaching out to work with their new company, City Wide Produce. City Wide was created to support grocers, food processors and services, and wholesalers in the best way possible, and it really took off!

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    City Wide was growing in clients, in team members, and needed a warehouse! Moving into their first warehouse enabled them to partner with even more growers across North America, and carry new produce for their buyers.

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    Time for another move! They were at capacity in their current warehouse, and business was booming. City Wide moved into a larger space to continue to better service their clients.

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    Business kept getting busier as City Wide started carrying an even wider variety of produce! They moved into a larger warehouse to accommodate the importing of wet vegetables and a variety of other fresh produce to better serve their buyers across Western Canada. They also acquired over a dozen new field vegetables for distribution, partnering with finest growers across North America to ensure their produce is top quality, every time.

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    City Wide expanded even further with a larger team, and together they obtained the Canada GAP Food Safety Certification. This certified training ensures that every product going out from City Wide Produce is treated with care, safety, and expert handling from every member of the team, including Gopal and Fazleen’s little ones!

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    City Wide Produce continues to grow in client relationships and quality produce. They now have two-temperature-controlled coolers to keep produce fresh, dry storage for root crop and refrigerated trucks for the best transportation of their produce. The City Wide team has grown with members that are deeply committed to providing friendly service and support for clients. We continue to grow with you!

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    Today, City Wide is growing with our valued clients across Western Canada. We are proud to invest in our community through fundraisers, charity events, and produce education. We are active members of the BCPMA, CPMA, PMA and regularly attend their yearly conventions and tradeshows. Grow with us today! “That first little grocery store we owned in 2007 was our education. It taught us how passionate we are about fresh produce and how to best service our clients!” - Owners, F&G

Meet the Fam

City Wide Produce Team Members

Our team is built from people who love produce and growing beneficial relationships with clients. At City Wide, we’re a team that feels more like a family and we can truly say we love what we do. We invest in each other just as much as we invest in our valued clients. Get to know each of us and our favorite parts of the job!


Gopal Gupta

Lead Produce Enthusiast and Buyer

What Do You Do at City Wide Produce?

I am one of the founders of City Wide Produce and helped set the company up for success since 2010! My current day-to-day involves buying and selling produce, managing our staff, and making City Wide grow.

What is Your Favourite Part of Working with City Wide Produce?

The produce and the people. I found a love for produce when we owned our retail front in the early 2000s and have loved the industry ever since. City Wide has allowed me to meet people that are just as passionate about produce as me!

What is Your Favourite Fruit or Vegetable and Why?

Cauliflower (Gobi). For one reason and one reason only, Gobi de Paranthe, particularly raw Gobi Paranthe. It is absolute perfection in a dish and I will probably have some today for lunch!

City Wide Produce Lead Gopal Gupta
Umar Arshid, Lead Salesperson for City Wide Produce Distributor


Umar Arshid

Lead Salesperson

What Do You Do at City Wide Produce?

I have been the main salesperson here at City Wide Produce since June 2019. My day-to-day involves reaching out to new potential customers, providing current clients with a personalized experience for buying produce, and providing customer support in claims and any other concerns. My goal is to create a relationship with customers where they feel all their orders are done with an exceptional level of expertise and attention to detail. Also, I oversee the marketing for City Wide, as well as helping out around the warehouse whenever necessary.

What is Your Favourite Part of Working with City Wide Produce?

The passion we show for our work! There is no 50% effort, as everyone tries their hardest. That is what drives me to do my best and learn new things in order to provide the most for our customers. I really enjoy the people on our team. Everyone here is amazing and so compassionate and empathetic. This makes the experience of coming to work very easy, as I am not going to work with just co-workers but also friends.

What is Your Favourite Fruit or Vegetable and Why?

My favourite fruit is strawberries. My favourite vegetable has to be the potato, why? Because they are versatile and can be made with any meal!

Whenever someone asks me my favourite recipe, I think of one dish and one dish alone… and that is my mom’s dish made up of steamed potatoes, carrots, and peas. This dish is designed to be eaten with roti but is amazing without it as well. My mom creates the dish with just enough spices to keep the spice but also show off the sweetness of the steamed peas and carrots. Along with a roti with butter on it, it perfectly ripens the taste of the steamed vegetables. Literal Perfection!


Janet Wang

Office Administrator

What Do You Do at City Wide Produce?

My main duty at City Wide Produce is handling our AR and AP, I also need to make sure all the food safety certifications are updated and follow every step to ensure our food quality. I have been here since November 2020. I am still new here, but I am excited to try my best to support everyone in our team and grow with City Wide Produce.

What is Your Favourite Part of Working with City Wide Produce?

Definitely the culture at City Wide Produce. Everybody here makes food safety a priority and tries our best to ensure that the quality of the product is the best. And we all have the same goal and believe that our success begins with customer satisfaction. I feel lucky to have an opportunity to work in such an excellent team. I am also excited to have a chance to grow with City Wide Produce.

What is Your Favourite Fruit or Vegetable and Why?

I like many different kinds of vegetables. It is really hard for me to choose my favourite vegetable from spinach, broccoli and tomato. However, it’s super easy for me to say that avocado is my favourite fruit.

Avocados are incredibly nutritious. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can help me to keep healthy. Besides, the delicious taste and creamy texture of fresh avocados are undeniably craveable. I always use avocados in sandwiches, salad or tacos. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I love eating any food with avocados. Last but not least, avocados are always in season. So I can enjoy avocados anytime during the year. This is really really amazing!

Janet Wang, Office Administrator for City Wide Produce Distributor
Rajvinder Singh Mehra, Warehouse Operations at City Wide Produce Distributor


Rajvinder Singh Mehra

Warehouse Operations

What Do You Do at City Wide Produce?

I have been with City Wide Produce for over two years. My job includes receiving, shipping, and storing products. Warehouse Operations such as maintenance and clean up as well as any other tasks that need to be done in the warehouse.

What is Your Favourite Part of Working with City Wide Produce?

The supportive culture! City Wide encourages the growth of their team and really looks out for us. I have been with the team for a few years now and my role has grown as the company does; which really showcases the investment the company makes into its team.

What is Your Favourite Fruit or Vegetable and Why?

My favourite vegetable has to be cauliflower. I love it particularly in a recipe that I make at home which combines cauliflower, green peppers, and potatoes cooked with traditional Indian spices. It’s delicious!


Major Singh Kaler

Warehouse Operations

What Do You Do at City Wide Produce?

At City Wide, I work a variety of jobs including driving and delivering orders, shipping and receiving produce, storing produce and warehouse maintenance and operations. I’ve been here for over four years!

What is Your Favourite Part of Working with City Wide Produce?

Everyone is like family. I feel respected and appreciated for the work I do. They continually show that my voice will be heard about the operations of the company and how we can grow together to be better. Everyone is very understanding and it creates a work environment that is very comfortable.

What is Your Favourite Fruit or Vegetable and Why?

My favourite vegetable is an onion. I am a big fan of Bar-be-que and onions are vital for cooking meats, whether it be as a side or part of the main recipe. Onions are so versatile and so tasty!

Major Singh Kaler, Warehouse Operations for City Wide Produce Distributor
Oladimeji (OLA) Adewusi, Food Safety Coordinator at City Wide Produce Distributor


Oladimeji (OLA) Adewusi

Food Safety Coordinator

What Do You Do at City Wide Produce?

My job is to ensure produce safety at City Wide through the implementation and maintenance of food safety programs. With collaboration with other team members, I ensure that City Wide achieves a high score for the CanadaGap produce safety program.

What is Your Favourite Part of Working with City Wide Produce?

My favorite part of working at City Wide is the teamwork, collaboration, and fun activities, especially our Christmas events. The team is more than just co-workers we are also friends who are working towards a common goal.

What is Your Favourite Fruit or Vegetable and Why?

My favorite fruit is a banana. I eat it almost every day with peanuts or cashew nuts. It is a delicious fruit on its own, but with peanuts or cashews, it becomes a much better and more delicious meal.

“That first little grocery store we owned in 2010 was our education. We learned how passionate we are about fresh produce!”

- Owners Gopal and Fazleen

City Wide Produce Slogan

City Wide Produce

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